i’m twenty!

salam, evening, konbanwa.

sorry fr d delay, i supposed to post this one yesterday but due to headache i had to postpone it. right now im still not feeling so well but fr d sake of d blog i think i cn manage :)

fr those of u who didnt know, 8th of march is my bday (and yes u wont be seeing any facebook notifications this year haha) n this year 2011 marks d 20th year of my life.. twenty! two zero! thats two decades! or 20 x 12 = 240 months! or 240 x 30 = 7200 days! or nevermind.. basically fr me 20 is like a 1UP or smthin, cs obviously im not a TEEN anymore (although, does twenTEEN count? lol). even d japs hv a coming-of-age ceremony when one reaches d age of 20, so apparently its a big deal fr them too.

to be honest, this year is pretty boring fr me. well i do get d fact that u wont be having any of those fun birthday parties or stuff especially when u’re twenty, but d thing is tat this year i was in jengka; parents at work during d day n i did nothing except sleep d whole day. damn serious. which explains d headache n “sengal2 otot” i’ve been experiencing..

as it turns out it wasnt that bad really, in d evening i took my family out fr dinner (bill’s on me of course) n seeing all my family members seated at d same table at d same time is more than enough fr me. not that im sayin we dont get to do it at home but dad being caught up with his work n stuff so yeah its seldom we get to eat dinner together. d evening was nice, i actually got caught up with a bit of drama but im not going to write it here cs trust me, its a loooong story :D

so far i didnt get any gifts fr this year, which is quite a disappointment really (what are you, 7?) but before i went back to malaysia i did get an early birthday gift fr myself; a nissin di866 speedlight. it wasnt really a gift but at least it saved d guilt of buyin it in d first place haha

so i think tats about it fr this post, havent got any more cool stories to share.. fr nw. and oh yes thank you all fr d warm wishes, be it facebook, twitter or my cell. a friend of mine even made a blog entry about me which is.. well, hw often do u get ppl to write abt u? thanks fr that too. fr those who are curious u can read d entry here.

a lil bit more of social networking n i’ll be done. goodnight :)