spring break (almost..)

salam n konbanwa

quick note; as u can see i changed my url a bit, it is now ahmadhilmi.wordpress.com (note d absence of d letter “f” between “ahmad” n “hilmi”). i thought abt buying a domain but rite nw i think this will do. its js so that my name would appear d same on all social networks (except fr twitter cs ahmadhilmi and ahmad_hilmi are already taken so i had 2 settle fr 4hm4d_h1Lm1 which is.. okay i guess :D)

soo back to d main topic of this post which is.. well nothing specific actlly haha. finals are done last wednesday n im counting d days until spring break (and also to my flight back to wonderful malaysia hehe). today’s a public holiday, apparently its their national constitution day.. whatever that is. to be honest i js realized abt it yesterday evening. no wonder there was no curfew at 2000hrs! maybe i was so immersed with d studying exam mood which in turns lead to studying (i hv no idea why i crossed d word out in d 1st place..) until i forgot to look at d college yearly calendar haha. so holiday on friday = friday prayers at d mosque alhamdulillah :)

at 1st i didnt really want to go cs miraculously it snowed! and i fear tat my bicycle would lose traction on d snow covered pavement but thinkin tat its a real opportunity, one might even say a privilege to attend d friday prayers in japan tat i finally cycled all d way to d mosque. luckily d snow wasnt heavy (more like rain really but in ice form) but do remind me next time to wear a pair of goggles when cycling through d snow -.-

3 days of holidays would mean tat d 1st day would usually be wasted by resting all day long n d upcoming days would be fr work! although that never rarely happens BUT since i got two reports due on monday then i think i’ll spend some time completing them too. as fr rite now though, its back with d sketches hehe

workin on smthin a bit more complex; a full comic strip. d idea came when i was reading The 99 n i thought, “why not turn my sketches into a story?” and thats abt it. still got a looot of work to do but i must say there is progress. will upload later :)



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