a week to go

salam n ohayo :)

im posting one real quick js keeping things updated. fr u guys u already know me quite well u may hv already known abt AF creations, n fr thouse who dont here’s a bit more or less on that;

basically it was a personal hobby of mine, one i discovered back in 2008. at that time it was purely fr fun, js my way of killing some time. recently before my flight to japan, i invested some money on a Wacom Bamboo tablet, which i find most helpful towards d hobby. so i began to gradually grow a keen interest into it n finally decided to set up a blog js fr that particular matter, one that u cn discover either by clicking d facebook badge on d right or by clicking here.

enough of that chit chat, back to reality! lol. its another week to go, my flight is scheduled on 3rd of march. money’s coming in today n i hope that tmrw i cn buy some stuffs fr ppl back home. lets hope everything goes well, insyaAllah :)

abt my week, so far everything’s going on quite well. my 2nd ppr out of 3 will be today, in another.. 2hrs n 28mins, enough time fr (i hope) last min touch-up study (typical students lol)

oh n two days ago i had a function with Dato’ Mukhriz at hotel new otani, tokyo. it was a social gathering of some sort. his speech was more of a flashback fr him actlly, which i must say is both interesting n motivational. some things caught me by surprise though; not only was he an ex-mrsm student (pengkalan chepa to be exact) but he was also among d 1st (as he had said, “experimental guinea pigs”) to be sent to study abroad in japan back in ’81 via d Look East Policy (which was d brainchild of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir.. that explains a lot doesnt it? :D)

soo another 2hrs 14mins to go, catch up with u guys n gals later. tk care, hv a blessed friday insyaAllah.