salam n evening readers..

i had to post one real quick, cs im afraid tat d idea will go away (which most of d time it does huhu). recently i’ve been going through some personal stuff, js reminiscing d past a bit. lucky though most of my history is embedded online be it blog entries or pics frm social websites, mainly friendster n myspace.

i thought this time would come sooner u know, at times when i probably had kids of my own so that i cn tell them bedtime stories about my childhood n stuff like that but no, it came during d time where my lifespan is nearing two decades. i suppose not being a teenager anymore in a few months time do make u feel a bit more.. grown up :D

so now i understand why in japan they have coming-of-age ceremony when someone reaches d age of 20; it puts u in a category where u are not young enough to be called a “teenager” (plus there is no “teen” in twenty) rather, u tend to have a sense of maturity in yourself. u choose ur words wisely before u speak, u act based on what is right rather than what u feel, u even develop a liking towards d younger generation i.e. playing along with them n love seeing their joyful faces ^^

so maybe its true that i cant live without you as u get older u tend to think more abt ur past. its how u appreciate all d bittersweet moments, no matter hw BIG or small those things are. after all, a trip down memory lane is js another way of reminding urself what a glorious n magnificent life u had gone through.

ps, i may act according to my feelings rite now but what can i say, im still in d “teenager” category ;)



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