salam and evening to all.

in keeping with my “one post per week” promise, i decided to use this abundant spare time opportunity to write one. this time i will be talking abt all tat i know abt photography (which i promise u, is not tat much :D)

i bought a canon eos kiss x3 (aka 500d) a while back, n it has been a faithful companion to me so far. at 1st i know nothing abt DSLRs, i js bought it cs of d fast shutter speed haha. then i gradually learnt bit by bit all of d stuff like aperture, flash compensation n stuff. as mentioned on my previous post, i bought myself a new tamron lens which is really good fr zooming n bokeh. also, a family member of mine is also into DSLRs so it kinda makes me wanna compete with him in terms of photo quality.

with that, i looked around fr an accessory upgrade 2 my gear n decided 2 get myself a speedlight. i thought it would be a cool n nice addition 2 my existing equipment cs with a speedlight i cn experiment with bounce flash etc. since im a bit strict with my savings budget, i finally convinced myself it to be an early birthday gift fr myself (js as last year where i bought a swatch). say anythin u want but in my opinion, there’s no other way to reward urself other than buying urself a bday gift. atleast it would be smthin tat u reeeally would want rite? :D

at 1st i wanted 2 buy a canon speedlite, but since they are a bit overpriced i crossed it out. then i asked abg din abt his gear n he sed he’s using d nissin brand. i looked it up, read d reviews n thought tat it would be ok. plus, d price of d high end nissin is similar to d mid range canon so i thought, why not?

then again, i dont hv d thing yet with me so i cant snap any sample pics haha. i’ll keep u updated though.. and oh yes, i hv a “photography buddy” now, where we talk abt photographic accessories n stuff . cool :)



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