salam n erm.. evening :)

actlly i sed to myself a couple of days ago tat friday nite would be blogging nite, but then i got carried away with greys anatomy n naruto. it wasnt until today tat i finally had d urge to write a post. so here goes..

first of all, happy new year 2011 to all! a bit late, i know, but they say better late than never (which, i dont really agree cs opportunities only come once. if u missed it u cant hv it again.. nevermind. read on).

new year brings joy to most ppl. its a chance they can hv a break on january 1st cs its a well-acknowledged public holiday, not to mention all d new year resolutions (mine btw, is still d same old 1366×768). also, since there is a “new” in “new year”, ppl tend to hv new stuff as well; new clothes, new cars, new toys, new boyfriend/girlfriend.. i, myself was personally involved :)

in japan basically new year = clearance sale = cheap stuffsss. so i was “web shopping” d other day n found a tamron 18-200mm lens on sale. my kit lens kinda bothers me fr not being able to zoom a lot so fr JPY 15 000, i bought tat lil monster (emphasis on d “lil”). now when takin pics i can zooooom away, a bit like stalking really (this time emphasis on “a bit”). with increased focal length i cn also do some more cool “bokeh”, like what i did with my fb pic. also it comes with a lens hood, i dont really know what its fr but i do know tat it makes d camera look cooler ^^

oh yes, last nite it snowed up until around subuh. then d sun came up n melted d 1cm of snow. i did btw went out n managed some shots right after i done my prayers. fr d pics u cn check ’em out here.

so much of a 1st post of 2011, i’ll try my best to keep this site updated. see ya!



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