friday night


most ppl might be thinking, why friday night? well actlly this post is intended fr last friday night, but i was so full i didnt hv d mood 2 post anything that particular night, yet alone d following day. here’s why..

last friday night, we, as in seniors and us 3rd years, went out fr dinner at a japanese restaurant called “gofuku” (d kanji “go” as in “five” and “fuku” as in “fukushima”). as we 3rd years were new 2 this restaurant, we had no idea what to order, so we asked d seniors. they recommended either 1) eel or 2) prawn tempura. i looked at d price and thought 2 myself; why d price? its around 1500yen fr a one-course meal, which is quite expensive even in japanese standards. eventually i ordered d eel, and waited. when the food finally arrived, it was only then we truly understand d meaning of d price (also as to our senior’s awkward behavior of silent giggling)..

comparing with d size of standard chopsticks, it was HUGE. so big in fact, d seniors said that so far only 2 people had actually finished d whole lot. boldly, i took d challenge (also bcus i hv d habit of finishing whatever i take in d 1st place to avoid “pembaziran”)

and yes i finished it :) d seniors was impressed, and so did i. although, i did finish it by force, which explains d “tak sedap badan” fr d night n d day after, which (finally) explains why i didnt update my blog sooner. ha3

post dinner, my senior wanted to go batting (as in baseball). they did say that there’s a big chance that we’re going to miss d nite’s spotchek but, batting over spotchek? batting wins hands down ;)

d batting grounds. we pay 1000yen fr 4tokens, since that one is d most worthy of paying fr. fr each token they threw 25balls at us, so its roughly 10yen per ball.

my 4th year senior having his go. it was pretty awesome, being my 1st time n all. good workout too :D



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