career path


“when i grow up i want to be a doctor”

yeah, that was my childhood dream, becoming a doctor. idk why actlly, probably cs at that time im js a kid, who lacks rational thinking. also my parents wanted me 2 b a doctor so that might be a contributing factor too. but as u grow up, u become more mature, u learn things, u start 2 understand d true meaning of a career, n u work ur way up. it was probably during my 4th year at secondary school when i finally hv a clear image of what i wanted 2 be in d future.

although, things may not be easy as it seems. u learn tougher things, u encounter failures, u start thinking “why did i took this course in d 1st place?” n stuff like that. eventually without knowing it, u start 2 swerve frm d main course of ur planned life. u feel hopeless, u start regretting taking up d course cs u thought u cn do better in other fields. then u develop an interest in other things, and another, and another, until u become confused abt ur path. that clear image of what u want 2 be suddenly fades away as a new image emerges, and another, and another..

this is frm my own personal experience. i wanted 2 be an aeronautical engineer, due 2 d fact that i hv built up a fondness towards aircrafts. i enrolled myself into this engineering programme full of hope, js like a kid’s 1st day in school. then it got tougher, and along d way i encountered some problems. i started feeling down in d dumps. i suddenly began 2 take a liking towards art (blaming my wacom fr that. ha3), sketching portraits of ppl, exploring new things with colours. i started having these fantasies of me opening up a design company rather than spending my life maintaining aircrafts like i always wanted to.

then it occured to me. i was js running away frm my complications. instead of fixing d problem, i was daydreaming. it was that moment that i thought, why not combine a bit of both; engineering and design? which is why frm nw on i hv a new path towards my future career. not new as in shiny brand new, but more of a “modified” path..

i want to be, a design engineer :)