its one of the most debated topics ever, almost everyone has argued about it. yes dear readers, today im going 2 talk abt, as quoted in d title; couple.

its normal fr teenagers n young adults alike to hv that special someone, a person who they cn rely on, a person who, when faced with difficulties will be there to comfort them, a person to share similar interests with, and d list goes on. i remembered my 1st couple, it was during form 4 (or as quoted by some, the “honeymoon year” :D). i wasnt expecting it really, i even told my friends during form 3 that i wont be having a girlfriend until i graduated frm secondary school, but then being an average normal teenager full of emotions and hormones, who am i to resist such temptation of having a special someone? ha3

boy it felt great. it was like being d luckiest boy alive. we had our little chit chats now and then, exchanged love letters, one of my love poems even reached d hands of my homeroom teacher once :P it was really good having that special someone who cares fr u as much as u care fr them. until one day, everything was about to change.

we had a little misunderstanding, as all couples do. unfortunately being young and immature at that time has its disadvantages; u act according to emotions without thinking about all d possible solutions. in the end we broke up, all that love and joy shattered by one sentence. sadly enough, it didnt even last a year.

however this post isnt intended to tell the world about my blissful love story, nor am i begging fr sympathy as to what happened in the end, but im going to share abt my life -after- d joy and sorrow.

life had to go on. seriously, it wasnt easy recovering frm a break up. weeks turn into months before i finally found my sense of living again (ceh over dramatik plak ha3), but yes in d end i did manage to stand up and walk with my own two feet again. it was at that time, around mid form 5, that i finally realize what i really wanted.

of course i wanted a companion, but not in d way i did before. of course i would want a loving and caring person by my side, but at d same time i wanted it to be eternal. in other words, a relationship linked by a halal matrimony :)

some people may argue as to why im still single to this day, despite being close to certain people of the opposite sex. why not just be a couple? they say. truth is, i dont feel like im ready. once u grow older u start to appreciate d real meaning of a relationship. its not just about having someone to be by your side anymore. its being committed to an institution, a family. its about taking care of not only that special someone, but also taking care of other special ones coming your way. until i have a career, until i can manage my own life, it will be until then till i start being committed to a special someone..

p/s: they say only fairytales hv happy endings. in my case, u hv d right to choose ur ending. sure we broke up, but we still maintain a great friendship to this day ;)



update 4/2/2013: i’m taken :)