i had 2 cme up with smthing 2 update abt, or else this blog’s going 2b all dusty again. so im updating abt my latest in gadgetry.

its called d ipod nano 5g. slimmer, sleeker, it even has a camera (although used fr video recording only. i was like whaaat..). bought it on9 with d aid of my friend yang herk. reasons why i bought it on9 is cs being someone who adores words such as “exclusive” and “limited”, i bought d (product)red version complete with engraving which, in other words; one of a kind in d world ;)

i bought d 16gb version fr 18325yen.. which is approx myr670, cheaper compared to msia (back home its myr719). it surprises me that being an american product its still cheaper here. idk why.. ordered it last tuesday, due to engraving it arrived on saturday, which is not much of a wait really. oh btw, its my 1st apple product too, so u know hw thrilled i am 2 own one. he3 quit d talking, lets browse some pics!

till next time.



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