coming frm a guy, that title does sound a bit awkward, especially cming frm me. then again, thats -exactly- what happened today..

my college friends (malaysian ones of course) and i went to a place they call “go jyuu go”. idk what it actually stands fr, but thats what lim told me.. anyways d purpose was fr a little sightseeing 2 avoid feeling bored staying indoors all day long. so at 2pm,Ā  we headed out, bicycles and all. at 1st wanted to withdraw some money since my wallet’s already “kering” but siang thye kindly said that i cn borrow his money in case i wanted 2 buy anything. i doubted i wanted 2 buy anything, but honestly anything cn happen really :P

go here go there, go everywhere except eatery (cs we already ate. but i did felt a lil hungry. probably cs of d pedaling..). at d end of d day i found myself buying a pair of shoes, a shirt, and socks fr d shoes. total expense is around 7000yen. who am i to think i wouldnt need d cash? ha3

around 6pm we arrived at d college. although i was tired by that sightseeing+shopping trip, i did manage to get myself 2 go 2 d college’s gym fr some exercise. but thats a different story ;)



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