1st entry on d 1st day of july.. wait, its july already? time not just flies, it seem to warp nowadays. huhu

d coming of july symbolizes d 2nd half of this year 2010. what are my achievements/disappointments so far? lets reflect on d things that occurred fr d past 6 months..

january; i passed the monkasho exams, which in turn gives me a ticket 2 further my study in japan

march; i got 3 months allowance frm JPA, d exact same day as my birthday

april; enrolled in oyama national college of tech

june; 1st exams in japan. i flunked, probably d worst so far

so u see, 3 times i obtained something great in life, yet only once was there a negative thing. Allah is kind, he doesnt punish someone without any reason whatsoever. i probably was too proud with my achievements, that i forget that everything comes frm Him, that it is He who allowed all of those to happen. we r humans, we tend to forget when we receive something good, yet we beg with all our hearts when we r having difficulty. i believe that is Allah’s way of telling me that all is not beautiful in life, that u hv 2 strive 2 achieve things that u want most.

point is, if Allah was so kind as 2 gv us all d necessities, all d luxuries in life, why arent we grateful fr what we have? food for thought. let it be a reminder to myself and to everyone. quoting d famous words, “renung2kan dan selamat beramal!” ;)