im updating again. is it cs smthing bad had happened? of course not. im js blogging fr leisure this time ;)

summer has come. not d character frm tat romantic movie, but summer as in season. temperatures currently rise as high as 30 degrees celsius, which makes it quite impossible not to own a fan or some sort of cooling device. lucky fr me a friend of mine is in possession of two fans, left by d previous senior of course. so she gave one to me. how i got so lucky :)

exams r due in a month, n im trying my best to keep up with d current lessons taught, although i do tend to succumb to d temptations of facebook, matter-of-factly. d urge 2 know whats happening around u is overwhelming. u cant js go on9 without having d slightest urge 2 open a social networking site. although, if anyone cn come up with some tips/advice as to hw 2 deal with this matter, id be deeply honoured to hear them. hehe

just a regular update, nothing much really. since i found out recently that some of my friends do post a link to my blog on their blogs, its js my way of preventing this blog frm rusting like d previous 3.. was it 3? or is it 4? nevermind.. :P

signing off. i’ll post something interesting real soon! (hopefully.. huhu)



5 thoughts on “updating..

    • tau.
      ak leh rasa btapa skema nyer ko.
      skema is cumil..hahahaks!
      gud luck blaja.
      golden month ak tngal bpe ari je ni.
      tp smangat!!!!!
      da charge batery da tyme cuti..
      am redy 2 struggle more dude~!!
      smuga smgt ni akn consisten smpai abes sem..insyaALLAH
      *takot lak ckap je lbeyh* heee

  1. working as web programmer need me to online everyday. too much thing to do and read.

    just allocate specific time to surf this kind of site (social networking). if can, group people by category and just check certain group only.

    my advice, just ignore… any app and invitation. Ask friend not to invite/request you. you should be fine!

    p/s: been there.. sleep late, wake early just to maintain the game alone.

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